Rekt Report Issue #25: Blockchain Questions Answered

  • Celebrities like it because digital art projects are less fraught with potential legal complications associated with security tokens or cryptocurrencies, which often can be perceived by regulatory bodies as de facto securities.
  • Affords opportunities for not only visual artists but also musicians, writers, or other royalty-based creative professionals to integrate their IP on the blockchain in a way that can be seamlessly crowdfunded or collected.
  • Can be linked to trading — options, futures, leveraged trades, or plain vanilla cryptocurrency — positions in a way that will self-settle to the wallet owning the NFT at a particular time.
  • Who is this artist and why are they relevant to their chosen art movement?
  • What well-regarded collectors have a work of this artist in their collection?
  • What meaning and significance does the subject matter depicted have to the artist?
  • What level of visibility does this artist enjoy? Any recent shows or media events?



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Rob from Rekt Tech

Rob from Rekt Tech


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